Thursday, June 12, 2014

Name Design Photoshop

How I think about art

This art class has made me think about art differently in many ways. From looking at the many different shapes in the world around me, to looking at things and thinking it would look good in a photo. I have learned so many things, but some of the basic things have sparked me to notice little things. For example, while watching a basketball game, I may all of the sudden think of how the team's color are complementary and that's why they look good together. Or maybe, I'll be walking down the street and notice a bunch of flowers that are all warm colors. Before this class I would've never seen or noticed any of these things. I've also started to appreciate art that I have seen more. While looking at professional photographs I admire how they are taken. For example, I saw a picture of Kawhi Leonard going up and dunking over Serge Ibaka. Before this class I wouldn't have thought anything of it. But now, I notice how difficult that photo must've been to take. The angle is perfect, it shows the entire scene and captures the mood perfectly. Not to mention that it was taken while in real time action. I found it hard to take moving photos so I respect that a lot.

Project I am the most proud of

Out of all the projects that we, as a class, have created this year in art fundamentals, I am the most proud of my oaxacan animal bowl. Some reasons that I am proud of this artwork are creativity, details, and difficulty of my project. On this project I put lots of creativity and thinking into what my design was going to be. I thought of lots of different animals that I could use, looked at different pictures and decided that I wanted to go out of the box. I chose to use a giraffe riding a frog as my animal. Another reason that I am proud of my animal bowl is because of the detailing that I used. I decided to have many small little patterns like the tuxedo on the giraffe, which made it especially difficult, but more fun. This also ties into my next point. The design that I chose was a difficult one. From the many patterns to the intricate detailing it was a tough assignment to be neat and clean on. But, I believe I did a good job of making it look good. That is why I am most proud of my oaxacan animal bowl.

Photoshop Designs, using Color Schemes


  • Gain a basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop, cs6
  • Use Photoshop to create two different, interesting designs that demonstrate clear color schemes and organic & geometric shapes.
    organic. complementary

    geometric. complementary

Friday, June 6, 2014

Personal Space Box

The purpose of this project was to look closely at the work of Winslow Homer so that I could better understand who he is as an artist as well as learn how to describe, interpret, and evaluate works of art. In response to looking at Homer’s work, I created a relief sculpture that is inspired by his work and concepts.

Winslow Homer

1. My place is the basketball court. There are basketball courts all around the world. I often play basketball on these courts. I have played basketball on lots of courts. The court shown follows my color scheme. I am shown playing basketball on this court.

2. My connection to the basketball court is that I love basketball. I play it a lot and love to play on the court. Basketball is very important to me because I love it and feel good when I’m playing. I included myself playing basketball for my AAU team in this picture.

3. I chose a net for my object. It relates a lot to this space because of the basketball theme. It is the net of a hoop for basketball. I think it makes the box a lot better. It sticks out and makes the theme of the box very easily seen.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sense of Place Planning

Winslow Homer, Gulf Stream

To become familiar with Winslow Homer, a Maine artist;
To look at Homer’s work as a way to inform and inspire your own work:

Title: Gulf Stream
Medium: Watercolor
Year of creation: 1899
Describe as much as you can about the artwork.  What is happening?  How many people and/or animals are in it and what are they doing?  Describe any buildings that you see.  What time of day is it?  What colors are used?

Sharks are in the water around the man in a boat and are attacking something. There is 1 man and 5 sharks. There are no buildings. It looks like daytime. The colors used are cool colors.

Point of interest/CompositionWhat attracts your eye first?  Where is it located? How does Homer draw your attention to this area?  (color contrasts, lines, location, changes in pattern, etc.)

The boat attracts your eyes first because the boat’s colors are different from the rest of the colors. It is in the center of the painting.

Balance - Is there symmetrical or asymmetrical balance? Explain...

Asymmetrical balance because the two sides aren’t the same or mirror images.

Depth/Perspective- Is there a horizon line?  What is in the foreground, middleground, and background?  Is the background very deep and far away or is this painting shallow and close up? How do you know; describe it.

There is a horizon line. In the background there are waves and a ship. In the middleground is the man in the boat and in the foreground there are sharks and blood. The background is far away because the ship in the distance is fogged out to seem farther.

Mood – What are the feelings, emotions and/or mood you get when you look at this painting?  How do the colors, lines, brushstrokes, composition, subject matter contribute to the mood?

The mood is kind of rough because there are waves crashing, sharks attacking and the water is bloody. Subject matter contributes the most because of the waves and sharks also the blood.

Interpret - Now that you have looked closely at the artwork and have read the title, describe the story of the painting. What do you think Homer was trying to communicate?

The story is that the man is remaining calm under pressure. There is lots of chaos around him but he is staying relaxed. Homer was trying to communicate the man’s calmness and the roughness of the Gulf Stream.